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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
Despite the massive Nadal trolls, this place never feels like an equal environment. Federer fans always outnumber Nadal fans and this makes for sh1tty threads. This place is a circlejerk for Federer fans until 3-4 Nadal fans post pro-Nadal/anti-Federer comments. This triggers discussion and Nadal fans have a lot more comments to reply to.
Sorta. 80% may be Fed fans and 10% may be Rafa fans, but those 10% are so loud and insecure that it looks like the distribution is more even. Just look at the number of threads each group starts.
He wants this tourney to complete the resume. I dont see how anyone can stop him when hes this hungry. MUST WIN for Nadal to add to his legacy-90sClay
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