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Originally Posted by sonicare View Post
Very cool. You know I see these overachievers, and I think, "What if Donald Young or Joe Smo had their attitudes, how far could they have gone".

Guys like Federer are only "Federer" because they have the NATURAL ABILITY AND THEY ARE OVER ACHEIVERS, that is they push themselves much farther than they should be.

I often refer to boxing for comparisons, Greg Page, Riddick Bowe, UNBELIEVABLE natural talent, but no desire. Then you take someone like Holyfield, small, but a over achiever, gives his all.

In all sports, some guys have natural talent, and do OK, others have no talent but desire, and do OK, it's the guy like Sugar Ray Leonard, or Roger Federer, who have both the natural talent AND desire, that makes them legends.

My son has natural talent, but doesn't hussle, he wants the prize, but not the effort to get it. I think that will change, but a Conners, who should have lost many times one because he just never gave up, I think my son will become like me, playing through injuries, OBSESSING about what he is doing, OR, just playing recreational, but there's no glory without hard work.
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