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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life;7098501[B
]The Odyssey, looked like a blue version of a Prince 6000. [/B] I guess the quality was not up to snuff, or they really did not have any buyers, since it was in the price range of a Star 5.

Babolat and Wilson have an advantage over the other brands, by giving shops promos to offset the price of the machine. One owner told me that Babolat would rebate the price of the machine against the number of string sets and rackets sold over a year. I'd bet Wilson did the same thing.
Yep. Maybe they got the price down by speccing different components and/or QC. Yet another example of why it is not a good idea to jump on the bandwagon unless you are dealing with a rock-solid brand. As much as I like Mark and Alpha, they are still a fringe player. Decent bang for the buck at most basic levels (and solid CS), but a bit of a tough sell as they try to creep up the ladder feature and price wise.
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