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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
Sorry I retread your post and saw you said those who wanted to play d2 or d3 tennis.
Ga, No apology is needed, as we have been overwhelmed by too many negative posts. I really meant this kid could have a good match against a few 1 star recruit. It doesn't mean he will win, but he will get a few games.

BTW, I was so surprised to find out a D1 college in NJ that has only one player ranked 1 star; the rest of the players have no star; many don't even show any tournament history. So, you will find many players in many D2-D3 colleges who are ranked out of #1000. On the other hand, top 30 D3 schools are loaded with 4 star recruits... Many really good foreign players are also playing for D2 teams...
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