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Default Problem with break points

- For Federer-Agassi, 2003 Masters Cup final, each player has been incorrectly given his opponent's break points. Federer dominated the match but the ATP boxscore has Agassi facing no break points, and they've got Andre breaking serve twice. The numbers have been reversed.

All the other stats for that match are in the correct column, though.

Originally Posted by Nadal_Power View Post
Wrong stats for 1993 Australian Open final too!

There was 201 points, not 229. Jim won 115 and Stefan 86

Courier served 56/96, and Stefan 58/105

Courier was 44/56 on first and 22/40 on second serve. Stefan was 38/58 on first and 18/47 on second serve

Jim was 49/105 on return, Stefan 30/96
Good to know, thanks!
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