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Originally Posted by tata View Post
I might give that a shot. I want to clarify that 3g total lead at 2/10 = 1.5g at each point?
Yes. That's a good starting point, but it depends on the weight and swingweight of your Tours and Diablos. 3g a that position would bring a 323 sw EXO3 Tour up to around 333, which is in the ballpark of the Diablos. My Diablos are a bit lighter than some at 343 g strung with overgrip and I have seen some people say theirs are about 355 strung with overgrip. I have also see EXO3 Tours that weighed only 324 strung and others that were 329. The numbers I put out were ballpark - a good place to start. 3g total is about where i could feel the ball flatten against the strings well.

As far as the weight under the grip, 10-12g at the top of the grip should keep it around 6-7 HL depending on your racquets. If you wanted more you could take the grip all the way off and put 6g just above the butt cap, or take the butt cap off and put some in the handle then do the other 6g at the top of the grip. My diablos are around 8-9 HL with overgrip but some are more headlight.

Good luck.
Let's try this Textreme 95 for a while.
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