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This is not completely true. You can take the ball out of the air with a sw grip as well. That is what i have been saying. I was shown how to do it by a coach at my club who is a top 500 atp player. It is not that difficult once you practice it and it punishes topspin balls. It is basially setting your point of contact higher.
Strange that people think a continental grip would be the most beneficial to combat this type of player. Your "standard" modern tennis stroke (ie windshield wiper sw forehand) excels at hitting these types of balls. Unlike a classic continental with a more linear forward path, with the windshield stroke you can create contact on a higher ball since the swing path already has a natural upward trajectory in a relatively short span, so as PP said, you're just hitting at a higher contact point for the most part. I'm not sure if that makes sense or not. As someone with a modern sw ww forehand, I can unload against most topspin's the hard flat hitters that give me more trouble.
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