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Called Wilson's corporate HQ in Chicago a couple of days ago. Asked simply for the maximum recommended tension for their 17 and 16 gauge natural gut. Got a call back from their string guy with an incredibly bad answer: only string as high as the recommended tension of the racquet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

So I called back to ask again because that answer is clearly unacceptable and essentially saying nothing at all. It negates any intrinsic tension of the string & does NOT answer my question. That B.S. answer is just that. So if I had a racquet with a head size of 137 square inche Big Bubba says max of 65. So if I happened to use that my answer from Wilson would be 65.

What if I'm a super-noob using the Super Big Bubba 160" frame max recommended tension of 75. Is Wilson gonna support me using their 17 gauge gut in there?
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