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Fast stringing does not always equal a quality job. You are required to string with natural gut, and you don't want to notch it prematurely, during the test. You also have to pre-stretch the gut, install a build up grip, replacment grip, and install a new grommet set, in said time frame.
You have to apply a build-up grip and have it okayed by the tester. Then you have to apply a replacement grip and have it okayed by the tester. You're given 20 minutes to remove the old grommet set and install a new grommet set. The strings are unmarked and similar in color, so you have to figure out which is poly and which is natural gut. Manually prestretching the natural gut is not included in the 1-hour time limit for stringing. The 1-hour countdown starts once you mount the racquet and the tester okays that the racquet has been properly mounted. You have to string the racquet with the poly in the mains and the natural gut in the crosses. If you string the racquet in under 20 minutes you're penalized, but you can't take over an hour. Maximum points are for stringing in 20-45 minutes. Things like holding the knot tail up before releasing the machine clamp and trimming the knot tail will make a difference in your score.
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