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Originally Posted by ARFED View Post
In my opinion there is no such thing as an unstoppable player, because there is no perfect player. Laver for example couldnt do much , even when playing his best, on a fast court against a power hitter (Becker, Sampras, Ivanisevic, etc) with a perfect serve day. How could he, if he isnt able to touch the ball on the return games??? Take a look to the 5 set between Nadal and Rosol at Wimbledon, i honestly dont know if Laver, Sampras, Mc Enroe, Federer or whoever you choose would have stopped Rosol that day. In a way mostly all the players at the top level can be unstoppable so for the same reason none of them really are
yeah, the thing here is even against a player playing that well, if you can hold serve, you might be able to capitalize on a slight drop of level or come up with a bit of inspirational play to break or take it in a breaker ....

for example, take the second set of federer-murray wimbledon final in 2012 ...... murray was playing better than federer there ....but federer managed to hold his serve and came up with an inspirational game out of nowhere to break murray and seal the set ....

as far as nadal-rosol match goes, well, no one would have it easy vs the rosol who showed up in the 5th set, but I think the other superior grass court players could've easily taken 3 sets out of the first 4 ....

I get your point that no one is really unstoppable in the absolute sense, just that it is possible to discuss relatively .....
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