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Originally Posted by HvyFriend View Post
Except for when he can't hold at will at all. See his 2012 US Open and French Open losses. No tiebreaks in either of those five-set matches. Or the Australian where the only two sets he won in the third round were tiebreaks, and he got crushed in the others. His first round Wimbledon loss... where his big serve should serve him best!

I like Isner, but he's got a lot to improve.
The thing is when you have a serve as huge as John's you can afford to mentally check out for large parts of the match and then at some stage put all your energy into playing a great return game to break!
Sometimes this loss of concentration can spill into your own service games! And that is what happened to John in the matches you mentioned!

Holding at will is not a problem for him! The guy has the 2nd best stats for holding serve and we play on the some of the slowest courts ever now! That says a lot!
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