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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
what are you smoking ? He blast kids all the time starting with Jan Silva , Alexa Jones, was starting on Abby but thank you he was cut short before he really got rolling on her and it wasn't going to be long before he was blasting their dreams !!
As for DB he was on him since the beginning with his D2 predictions, chicken leg comments ,not going any where failing to make money and wont !!

Let me ask TBALL2day how long does someone slam on yours before you finally strike back full force to get their attention ??

Then he says If my kid is not at the local mall being a stud "definition Male breeder" like a quarterback is then he is nothing !!!

Think about his record and attack on parents and kids and their dreams something I have not done , so please get real pal , so your not offended just my opinion !!!!

BTW tcf was not always right, not a D2 player highest recruit , would get wiped out at the big ITF events left the top Croatian player in "Tears" in the 3 rd set yes tears , No he was not always right just regurgitated info but never did anything close to what I have accomplished and thats why I don't need to blast others dreams as he did !!!

I have wish the best to all and their kids and their dreams you cant say that about him !!!

Please lets move on .
You were just as harsh as tcf in your posts. Tcf did offer good tennis insight for us here and it was obvious he knows tennis coaching. And rgwarren deserved what he got because he was a troll. Nothing to do with abi. You offered advice to all here as well. And your in deep with db trying to make a dent for american tennis. It is my opinion it takes obsessed parents to make a tennis champion.
Rg warren was all bragging and insults to others when we gave our opinion. He never gave any shred of tennis knowledge other than he is the best and noone else knows any better and we were inferior. People like him do not belong in public forums. Did you notice all the different aliases? I suspect there is at least one alias still left. He cannot help himself and will reveal his trolling soon enough if still hiding here.
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