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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Height!! i forgot i am dealing with Americans , did you hear Sloan call Serena disrespectful for saying ''come on'' ? the over sensitive here in the USA needs to be hung up if we stand a chance .
Sorry OP for getting off topic.
I watched most of that QF Brisbane. Sloan put on a good show and it was a close match. She lost 4 and 3. Serena had to work hard for each point if she didn't ace or earned it easily from serves. She yelled loud c'mon and put her fist pump in Sloan 's face several times. I think it is unnecessary and agreed it was disrespectful.
She could have put the fist pump the other way and not yelling that loud. Remember she created a hindrance for Stosur because of the loud c'mom before.

The dynamics....Serena is 12 years older, multi GS winners and Sloan had nothing to lose that match. Serena acted like she was for fear of losing. She looked like she bullied this younger player (they're friends and she's Sloan's mentor). It worked and Sloan played shaky when she complained about disrespectful.
Serena tried to lighten things up at the end, like she always did after her misbehavior, saying Sloan played well and has great potential to be a GS champion.

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