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Yes Bobby One, the Houston match was 1976, corrected it. On the clay matches of the old pro tour, i did some research, and i can tell its awfully difficult to reconstruct them. The Brits called all non- lawn events hard courts, and i went back to tennis club books in the Netherlands or Germany or even some event programs like Geneva, one could buy on the internet. We can assume, that the summer pro events in Continental Europe, in France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain or Austria were mostly on clay, but we cannot be sure in all aspects. In France, the pros also played a lot indoors, at the Cannes Palais du sport for instance. There were also very late autumn events, like Rome in 1963, where we only can speculate, if it was outdoor clay or indoor. Yet a bigger problem are the US events, i would assume that some in Florida or California or on the Caribian tour were played on clay. It could well be, that Reston was on clay, i have had credible information (by Jeffrey Neave), that Oklahoma was on clay, too. I am glad for all further informations, i can get.
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