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Originally Posted by BlueB View Post
This is a ridiculous statment, sorry. The graphite is the "strongest" component in any racquet composite, after the boron.
Even if there was some change in properties, it wouldnt be the loss but increase in flex.
More different fibre materials you put into a composite, less you can custom tailor the matrix (epoxy) for maximum bond, resulting in decreased longevity of the product...
It's like you've never hit with a tennis racket and over time have the frame die on you. It's like you've never strung a racket, and have the graphite cave in as the machine is pulling on the string. There's a difference between traditional graphite and ultra high modulus graphite. My claims are "ridiculous" to you, because you've never made the observations many of us have. You theorize without observation.

This isn't about graphite in rackets. Modern rackets are still made of graphite. It's about traditional graphite versus ultra high modulus graphite. They're both graphite, but they have different properties. Ultra high modulus doesn't seem to fatigue as quickly (unless you add basalt to them, in which case it may die faster.)

EDIT: I misspoke when I said "loses flex." I meant to say that it gets more flexible.
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