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No reason to change racquets for a backhand. What's next, buying a racquet for forehands and serve? Playing with a serve stick and a return stick? Changing racquets when you feel like going to the net?

I have hit millions of onehanded backhand and never had TE because of that. I have had lot of golfer elbow issues but the backhand was always where it would hurt least, actually it would not hurt at all, even if I couldn't hit a serve without pain.

Also I can hit a onehanded backhand with any racquet, whether it is a mid, a MP, light or heavy.

If you really wanna change racquets, look for something that slices well, does not have too high a swingweight (310 to 330), and is headlight (12 to 6pts hl).

The C10 pro is a good candidate.
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