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Having thought about "Tips" for some time, I believe I have the answer. Yes, you must be in shape, yes, you must practice non stop, but the answer is easy.

Look at all the advice solicited on this forum. Most people DON'T KNOW. Even the good players are not sure.

ALWAYS DO THE OPPOSITE! ALWAYS. Think! Guy practice the so called "Modern Game", that only means they can't handle mid-court or the net, they were TRAINED to dictact from the baseline.

Likewise, if you find, which is rare, a true SV learn baseline play.

But it gets better than that. Questions are asked, "How to improve.......". The answer is obvious, practice, practice, then more, do EVERYTHING what do you have to lose?

How do you have a top ranked player "Not very good at the net", or anything? Just like making muscle, you use muscle confusion to make your muscles adapt, same deal here, EVERY SHOT should be different, long baseling shot, then a short lob, then net, the baseling, these guys today ARE ROBOTS!

Mix it up. Think about it, you are a baseliner, then once in awhile you have a short lob barely over the new, will that not make you insecure? You heh never know do you. What about side spin low shots that I do and others are doing?.

When I hear, "How do I improve my forehand", for example, no offense but I think "Do what I did, practice your tail off to see what works of throw in the towel", I mean what are we talking about here, "Well, see, hold your hand like this, and....."

Tennis is a totally mental sport, that's why it's popular even though we don't think that, it's MENTAL. I'm in HORRIBLE SHAPE, but I'd whip most on this board by making quick winners.

So forget this "New Tennis" BS, even Sampras said "Well in the modern game I"d lick my chops at someone who wants to stay back".

Ignore all of these "Gurus", who give us plentious words, just to be paid".


Kids, this is why you don't take drugs.
Kids, this is why you don't take drugs and start posting.
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