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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Yes, but the main difference between Fed and Guga vs Nadal match-up on clay is that Nadal's bread and butter tactic works against Fed but wouldn't work against Guga (which means Nadal would have to outgrind him to win or outplay him on big points).

Guga's BH is better overall shot than Fed's but by a smaller margin than his BH being better for handling high balls off that side.

With Nadal's main tactic being nullified (to a degree anyway), Guga's advantage in power (though it's slight IMO, Nadal's FH is a monster) and serve would be more pronounced IMO than in Fed's match-up against Nadal on clay.
yeah, I know, which is why I said that bar borg, kuerten would provide the most challenge for nadal in the open era ... just saying only power wouldn't be enough vs nadal on clay ....
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