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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
You're spot on about the fist pumps and com'ons. Serena doesn't need to do it. But she does. Respectfully, you're dead wrong about Serena having nothing to lose. She's clearly expected to win on every level. Sloan should have not said anything about the fist pumps. Keep it to herself and within her camp and use it as motivation. Sloan has exposed a weakness to being bothered by antics that should not bother a pro. You think other pros won't try to bother her in future matches? This is the pros, it's a job not the Juniors. Pros will probe for weaknesses and they all are not just physical, the mental game is part of it. If she's going to take it personal her road to excellence will only be longer.

I don't agree with any of Serena's antics over the years. All I'm saying here is just because Sloan and Serena are friends and Americans does not mean that Serena is not going to go any easier on her in a real match. As a matter of fact Sloan should ber thankful for the beating, acknowledge she was bothered by something that should not bother her, be proud of her own effort, learn from this to be tougher going forward.

Yes, Sloane should have kept it to herself. She just showed her opponent a huge weakness in her mental toughness.

And yes, you definitely have more to lose when you are already at the top. It must be tremendous pressure trying to stave off the next crop of young Americans and hold your top position as an aging athlete (even though the next crop of young players are not that good yet).

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