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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
Yes, Sloane should have kept it to herself. She just showed her opponent a huge weakness in her mental toughness.

And yes, you definitely have more to lose when you are already at the top. It must be tremendous pressure trying to stave off the next crop of young Americans and hold your top position as an aging athlete (even though the next crop of young players are not that good yet).
And the thing about Serena being nice after the match, like it or not that's part of being a pro. Off the court they may be your friend on the court in a real match they are not your friend. Wouldn't suprise me if Serena wants the best for Sloan and wants to see her get to the top. but that road ain't going through Serena as long as she's still playing. Yea, it's cut-throat, antics aside, like it or not it's the pros.

Some players are Edburg's and Evert's with sportsmanship, some are McEnroe's and Henin's that's why we have our favorites and watch the game.
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