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Another thing about this that makes it a bad decision IMO. You are switching racquets for your weakest stroke? That is the worst way to go about things.

You want to do what monomer just said - focus on your serve and forehand. You like the juice and the tweeners because most likely you hit forehands well and feel comfortable serving with it. That juice is going to help you regroove your serve - its light and will get you tons of head speed.

Id just stay with the juice. Just commit to that stick for as long as possible and you will develop your game a lot faster. I hate switching racquets personally, and even though I have done it a lot, I have slowed down considerably. It is fun for a month or two since things are new, but I also lose that "automatic" feeling and have to get back to that point. If you think of it as lost time, it will help you stay with one racquet longer and you will develop that one hander.
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