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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
urban, great list. Laver is really underrated on clay. I agree with pc1 that Laver was stronger on clay than Federer.

Laver lost to Rosewall at Houston in 1976.

I do know (thanks to Ray Bowers) that Rosewall defeated Laver in the 1965 Reston tournament on clay (probably green clay).
Laver may have been better than Fed on clay, but beating post-2005 Nadal at RG is still a very tough order for anyone.

Laver wrote about beating Rosewall in the finals of the 1969 FO: "He had his shot at me in the final of the French, but I played the clay court match of my life and avoided the treatment he gave Lew [at Forest Hills in 1956]."

In 1969 Laver played a great all-court match, taking the net and being aggressive whenever possible. Rosewall was very fast, but so is Nadal. This strategy may shock Nadal for a while, but I'm not sure that taking the net on clay is a great strategy with present racquets and strings.
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