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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Andfor and the rest of the posters Serena and the rest of the ATP and WTA players need to be more in your face , Com'on's , verbal energetic ect . for the sake of tennis we need it more alive out there , Not way over the top but as close as we can get ,,

To all that have watched my player compete the first thing you enjoy if his fire , no quit attitude ,in your face play , even some subtle trash talk which I make sure does not get out of hand , but like i said for the sake of our sport we need warriors full of fire !! think about a house on fire or building or even a car on the road "everybody's" attention is drawn to it , we need fire on the courts .

So I welcome Serena's so called disrespect . just my opinion .
I respectively disagree. I wanted my kids to learn to play like Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. I wanted them to develop good characters, behaviors, disciplines, respect (to coaches, parents, and yes too their opponents as well), work ethic, honesty, good health, confidence...; I wanted them to meet good friends; help school win the states; get into the best college... from tennis training and competition. Obviously your goal for your son is a lot different than most of the parents. I may be wrong but you seem to be a parent or a coach who wanted to develop a "bad boy" who wins at all costs, who becomes Big Mac if so lucky or just another Donald.
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