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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Andfor and the rest of the posters Serena and the rest of the ATP and WTA players need to be more in your face , Com'on's , verbal energetic ect . for the sake of tennis we need it more alive out there , Not way over the top but as close as we can get ,,

To all that have watched my player compete the first thing you enjoy if his fire , no quit attitude ,in your face play , even some subtle trash talk which I make sure does not get out of hand , but like i said for the sake of our sport we need warriors full of fire !! think about a house on fire or building or even a car on the road "everybody's" attention is drawn to it , we need fire on the courts .

So I welcome Serena's so called disrespect . just my opinion .
Look. I'm for showing positive emotion. I'm even for fist pumps and com'ons. There's a right time for them and players can learn when that is. I don't believe they need to be every point and directed at your opponents face. Now, I did not watch the Williams v. Stevens match, so the Serena antics I so often disagree with may not apply to this match. For all I know Sloan is being overly senstive. Regardless, if she is or isn't she should not have mention it. I'm even for a little trash talk, so long as your not starting it, letting it get in your head or distract you.

Postive emotion and internal burning desire is good. Too much of it, like anythig is not. I've seen multiple fist pumpers and comon'ers over the years and when it's over the top they are actually trying to overcompensate for an underlying lack of confidence, nervousness or lack of real game.
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