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Default They called him 'Baby-Fed', but is Gasquet's game most similar to Nadal's?

Nadal and Gasquet both like scurrying around 10ft behind the baseline trying to break down their opponent's backhand with topspin so they can attack a short ball. Whereas Nadal relies on his buggy-whip lefty forehand and hopes to play a righty who's backhand he can bully, Gasquet bullies his opponent's backhands with his own backhand. The Gasquet backhand (compared to that of a Haas or Youzhny) is a very modern, high-kicking shot, and the fact that he is a one-hander means he can out-topspin, and thus out-angle pretty much any two-handed backhand, making them uncomfortable in backhand-to-backhand exchanges and coughing up an attackable ball.

How to you rate this analysis?

Am I the only one who sees more similarities in Gasquet's game to Nadal than Federer?
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