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Welcome back everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your 'off-season' and recharged your batteries for another season.

Reminder to ark_28, dcdoorknob, jamesblakefan#1 and Locotus. As winners of the 2012 WTF Elite Eight Event, here is your super classy prize:
For one event of your choice, you will have the chance to revive yourself at any tournament in the event that a player you have chosen has eliminated you. For example, if ark_28 chose Cilic for the Australian Open, and Cilic was eliminated, ark_28 can choose to use his Elite Eight prize to revive himself. HOWEVER, you must choose a replacement pick for same order of play in to revive yourself and continue on with the tournament. Once you have used that player, you cannot use him again for the remainder of the tournament. If the player you have chosen to revive yourself lost, you will also be eliminated. This prize cannot be used if the player you picked was the playing the last match of the day (to avoid the event of a walkover (see the FAQs in the league file for walkovers in the last match).
If you are to use your prize, you must let myself, CDNguy87 or kishnabe know about this.

Also, I don't know about you guys, but I'd prefer not to run Davis Cup this year. Do you guys think it should be eliminated?

Final note: Your points that you've earned at the Olympics will be dropped after the Rogers Cup.

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