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Default My shoulder is restricted!?

So I'm sure everyone has done the stretch where you reach one arm behind your back and the other over your shoulder to meet your fingers and hands at your back around the shoulder blades, the problem is when going over my back with my right arm and under with my left it feels fine and i can even close my hands inside each other, my left arm end up nice and straight up and my hand is nice and between my shoulder blades.

When i try to reverse and do my right arm behind my back my arm will not straighten up and it stays slightly crooked and will not reach as high so my fingers wont even touch each other and my right shoulder joint feels stretched and kind of tight, for emphasis ive never been able to do this and thought it was normal found out last year around winter\spring.

I know theres nothing wrong mechanically with my muscles, as I've been suffering some shoulder problems and got an MRI this week, no pulls or tears in my shoulder, so I'm just wondering what might be wrong with it and how i could fix it up? do I just need to do some stretching to emphasis that kind of movement? or should i just not worry about it?

If it helps I'm a righty with 2hbh.
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