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1. Mark Woodforde played with a Frankenracquet inspired by his old Snauwert Hi-Ten built from a PS 7.5 mold with a custom 12 x 16 drill pattern.

2. While there have been many open pattern frames made in the graphite era, to the best of my knowledge, there are no current or past frames with fewer crosses than mains. If fewer crosses than mains doesn't register like an earth shattering event, I've no problem with that, but it is the key distinction here. Open patterns of the past were born out of the ancient wisdom (Mid 80's to 2005), that ball to string friction ball "bite" is the primary way to increase spin. Recent studies 2005-2011 conclude that ball "bite" matters only if the strings are moving. Reducing the number of crosses, dramatically reduces inter string friction, and promotes string movement.

3. I have posted about this in much greater detail here.

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