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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
How is your shoulder hurting? Is there a particular motion/posture/arm position that triggers the discomfort?

How are your serves? I ask that because tennis players, along with every other throwing-based athletes (like baseball players) should have higher than normal internal rotation. The bulk of a tennis serve (throwing motion), particularly the follow-thru is accomplished by internal rotators of the rotator cuff.
As of right my pain is mostly through rotating the joint ( ball of my shoulder ), it isn't particularly painful just uncomfortable and not super tight and occasional popping ( not bad just slight ). When using my racquet and going through my motion I don't feel any real pain besides some slight popping and occasional tightness.

When I serve I have a normal flow through; hand a racquet together until the toss, then ill take my right arm back, elbow pointing out, sometimes slightly down a bit and racquet with my wrist bent and then knees bend go up and serve. I'd like to note though that this is my new serve that i worked on after my injury my old serve was much for rigid and I paused way to long between toss and hit which is what I believe, caused the initial stress so my rotator cuff and shoulder blade; Though my shoulder blade is fine now after some work and a steroid shot.

I've worked with an orthopedic and physical therapist to solve this issue, orthopedic figured out through tests, x-ray, and MRI that structurally my shoulder is fine, the physical therapist realized the muscles around my rotator cuff were to week and my newer heightened level of play ( that I'd developed over the summer with my coach ) along with 5 days of practice a week for 1.5 - 2 hours a day had strained my shoulder to much causing inflammation.

I've since been going through strengthening and stretching routines everyday and will continue to even after my injury subsides; which it already has begun to and my orthopedic told me I can return to playing within the next three weeks as long as i maintain my routine of strengthening and stretching.

I only realized this particular stretch was a problem when trying to do a yoga stretch combing stretching my hip and glute with shoulder and realized it was impossible to do it on my right side.

The popping worries me since its right in my joint even though its not painful in any real noticeable way.

also if its helpful I'm a 17 year old male JR and Highschool player.
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