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Originally Posted by hcb0804 View Post
Better. Not as long and "pointy" toe, so they don't curl up like elf slippers. Better fit overall, IMO.
Wow! My GR4's aren't pointy looking and sure don't curl up like elf slippers.

What did you guys do, order three sizes too big?

I actually love the way mine look and definitely love how they play in.

I did follow Tennis Warehouse's advice and ordered a half size smaller than I usually wear and everything's great.

I'm not sure if I should order another pair of the fours or try the fives.

I see the fives must fit true to size as TW isn't advising to order a half size smaller than normal.

I'll probably stay with the fours as they remind me of the original GR1's in how comfortable they are and they actually seem a lot more stable than the 1's.

Elf slippers? Too funny............
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