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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
This is an important distinction...and perfectly acceptable. Many times I have watched a pro match live or on TV and gotten goose bumps when a player is on fire and has the crowd into it. The celebrations are directed inward and/or to the crowd. You're right, it adds excitement to the game.

However, I'm seeing two trends in the juniors, and by juniors I mean 10s and 12s as that's where we are at this point: 1. fist pumps and "come on" on opponents unforced errors. I see it at non-critical points and even on double faults. 2. Excessive celebration - too often and too much.

The first trend is just bad etiquette, and yes, I think tennis should have some etiquette. The second trend is not smart because it leaves a player with no where to go emotionally. If the player is celebrating every point and every opponent error, they have no way to pump themselves up when they need it - a break or a winner on an important hold, etc. Often pros will say they won by playing the big points well, or lost by their opponent playing the big points well. Young players need to learn how to work the momentum and manage their emotions - both up and down. Tough to do when they are screaming as loud as they can on every stroke and fist pumping every point.
Great post! I have seen some kids doing fist pumping and loud "come on" on opponent's errors including double faults and they trash talk, call name... they just want to try all the dirty tricks they could think of or were told by their coach or parents - with a sole purpose of messing up their opponent's mental. These kids rarely have good friends. I also fully believe college coaches don't like to recruit kids who cheat and do dirty tricks to win matches.
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