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Originally Posted by [d]ragon View Post
You should shoot them an email detailing your needs. Price depends on what you are looking to have done
Their gold and silver services are for serious serious players.
I doubt RPNY is much cheaper (I personally feel their reputation is slightly overrated). But then if you're going to these (P1/RPNY/Bosworth) guys for custom work, you shouldn't really be worried about price.
If you're just looking for racquet matching and/or general customization, you should contact TW. I believe their price is $20 a racquet.
May I pose two questions? Is the OP a rec player? Secondly, if the op is, then is it really worth spending alot of money on a service that isnt needed. I mean, precise racquets at the level RPNY & P1 provide must need a high level stroke to obtain the best out of. A rec player (such as my self) might be better off using TW's service and matching sticks that way.
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