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I watched the Sloane versus Serena match and I have to say I didn't see Serena being "disrespectful" to Sloane at all.

Serena clapped when Sloane hit a great point.

She did say come on's to herself to pump herself up in a very competitive match, but it was nothing out of the ordinary for many of the top women.

In fact, I think Serena is probably one of the most fair of the top players the WTA has ever had. I've never seen her try to cheat anyone out of a point. She claps for her opponents winners. She has even been cheated on several different occasions herself (most of the time keeping her composure quite well).

I will say one thing, Sloane really needs to grow up and toughen up.

In fact, I think Sloane's comments were actually "disrespectful." She is playing one of the best women's tennis players ever and she is making commentary about the "come on's." Really?

Considering what we have on the WTA these days with seeming intentional vocal hinderences that some top players exert on almost every point, Sloane really needs to toughen up if she is shooting for the top of the sport.

In talking with her own coach, Sloane shouldn't be focusing on her opponent saying "come on"...that should not even come into her mind at all...she should be focusing on how to win the match.

In fact, I'd love it if none of the women would call their coaches down and learn to think for themselves they way Serena does.

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