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Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
Great post! I have seen some kids doing fist pumping and loud "come on" on opponent's errors including double faults and they trash talk, call name... they just want to try all the dirty tricks they could think of or were told by their coach or parents - with a sole purpose of messing up their opponent's mental. These kids rarely have good friends. I also fully believe college coaches don't like to recruit kids who cheat and do dirty tricks to win matches.
I wonder if it's intentional or mimicking what they see on TV and just do it all the time. Some of the younger kids I've seen seem to be just copying their idols and don't know when to apply self-motivation. But I've also seen more savvy kids doing it to get to the other player. I know of one kid who, upon his opponent hitting a first serve into the net, yells "fault"! At first I thought it was kind of funny, but after an entire match of it... not so much.
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