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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Right; and it seems many folks do, but

see how you are combining 2 things.
1. situation
2. technique

I'm thinking it is really just the technique, because you can use any type stroke
to hit it right off the bounce, like a full swing; but that does not make that full
swing a half volley does it, if the half volley was not used as the technique to
play the ball.
The situation is a short hop and short hop is not a technique.
Seems many are automaticly linking the short hop situation with the technique of
half volley. Mostly they are, but not always.
Valid point, but wouldn't an overhead also be combining situation and technique (i.e. only when the ball is a certain height or in a certain position)?

Nonetheless, the definition you bring forth just seems so starkly different from anything I've heard; at first it seemed like you were simply stating the def'n of a putaway volley! I guess semantics are irrelevant as long as we all understand each other...

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