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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
It's alright. Even Pistol Pete didn't leave a tip, according to Agassi .
PS was sort of notorious for not carrying cash. I read an article some years back by a writer who met him for breakfast once in Tampa. It was at a franchise, a pancake place, Waffle House? After Pete finished, he had to go out to his car to look for spare change to pay the bill.

Found the article:

On the old TT board, pre-2004, there was a guy who claimed to work as a concierge at a resort where PS stayed one weekend in the 1990's. PS knew no one in town so he asked the concierge to show him around. The guy spent his whole weekend driving PS around and catering to his whims. On Monday morning when PS checked out, he gave the concierge like $5 for a tip.

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