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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
Excessive com'ons and fist pumping is often prevalent among the 12-14's and for the majority of kids decreases over time, with maturity. I know, there's exceptions, also it can be used inappropriately as gamesmanship.

Point is, if Sloan Steven's expresses that Serena Williams did it excessively in a pro match does not mean anything other than she allowed herself to be distracted. Gamesmanship only works if the person who the gamesmanship is directed to allows it. In the pro game telling the public another pro excessively fist pumped and said com'on? Really. Sloan Stevens should be embarrassed she said that to the media. Other pros are likely salivating to play her now. Time to grow up.
Andfor Sloane should have kept her mouth shut ,what Serena did was way within the limits of sportsmanship and trust me i am not a big fan of Serena at all , think she is beyond arrogant , sloane just allowed her true soft demeanor to show which she better look to toughen up asap .
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