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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
we are trying to promote less violence to our kids and here we have a company that appeals to Jr's parading their top stars pretending to use highly illegal flame throwers, bombs, dynamite sticks, rockets etc.... as being cool
Speed limit is 75 mph nation wide , we promote cars ad's on TV from all company's that exceed speeds of 100, 150 , 180 mph right off the show room floor and there were some 10,000 speed related deaths in 2010 alone and a 16 yr old can purchase one of these weapons of mass destruction .

Yet the intelligent person realizes that its not the car that kill but the lawbreaker that usually is at fault .

The ad is alright with me cause I am a law abiding citizen and I understand the context .

BTW the kid at SandyHook was addicted to 'Call of Duty " but trust me that had nothing to do with his mindset .
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