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Originally Posted by Disneos View Post
In regard to the towel stretch how should it feel and how should my right arm look during the stretch been trying it, but when i pull up its very tight, wont go straight along my back and a little painful. Is this normal for right now and will it improve with time? If you have any links to videos or pictures I'd appreciate it a lot .

Except that I would hold it for ~30seconds instead of rocking/bouncing it back and forth.

As with all stretches, you want to stop right before the point of pain/agony. Of course, you want to push yourself little by little with each stretching session. But if you're in agony, then you've gone too far.

I'm no doctor, but I have had two shoulder surgeries and subsequent rehabs and have made a complete recovery since. So what I bring is experience. And "popping and clicking" is an indicator of cartilage damage. Most of time, it's loose/torn piece of cartilage getting trapped in the joint.

Also, I will also stress that MRI and various other visual techniques are not definitive. False positive/negative are actually quite common.

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