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Originally Posted by psv255 View Post
Valid point, but wouldn't an overhead also be combining situation and technique (i.e. only when the ball is a certain height or in a certain position)?

Nonetheless, the definition you bring forth just seems so starkly different from anything I've heard; at first it seemed like you were simply stating the def'n of a putaway volley! I guess semantics are irrelevant as long as we all understand each other...
I guess there isn't a right or wrong here, but thought it interesting and wondered
what others thought.

As to the overhead, I think it also is more of a technique and I often use it on
certain type of shoulder high balls and even go to a knee in some odd cases,
where I've gotten a weird bounce.
I do think it can be of some importance to separate a situation from a stroke,
to keep things straight for discussion and even in shot selection.
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