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Its too simple to split apart the driver from the vehicle in this kind of manner.

So the intelligent person realizes that this is in fact the case.

Does a tennis player hit a ball out or is it his racquet?, or as with a driver is it is a question of the functional unit created by the hands holding a tool?

Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Speed limit is 75 mph nation wide , we promote cars ad's on TV from all company's that exceed speeds of 100, 150 , 180 mph right off the show room floor and there were some 10,000 speed related deaths in 2010 alone and a 16 yr old can purchase one of these weapons of mass destruction .

Yet the intelligent person realizes that its not the car that kill but the lawbreaker that usually is at fault .

The ad is alright with me cause I am a law abiding citizen and I understand the context .

BTW the kid at SandyHook was addicted to 'Call of Duty " but trust me that had nothing to do with his mindset .
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