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It is funny to see from other peoples quotes that people I even clearly identify in my signature as having on my ignore list like Cup8489 and abmk continue to make replies to my posts. What a couple of desperate losers. All I will say is I never said Roddick was a talentless hack, nor did I specifically say he would never win another major in another era. Some people need to learn basic reading skills. I said that a 1 or 2 slam winner, which is what Hewitt and Roddick are, is an accurate measure of their abilities, and that is what they would win in most eras. Aka for those who need it spelled out, they are roughly the same level of other 1 or 2 slam winners of recent times like Rafter, Kafelnikov, Muster, Bruguera, Stich, and the like. The idea they are the caliber of 4 or 5 slam winners and that is what they should be evaluated as with the without Federer excuse line attached (and any second tier top player of their era wins alot more majors with a Sampras, Borg, Laver, or whomever was the Federer and Nadal of their eras removed in some useless hypothetical anyway), and that is what they would win in most other eras, is typical ****om fantasy. End of.

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