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Originally Posted by Disneos View Post
appreciate it!
Ask your surgeon about something called "impingement syndrome", of course you can look it up yourself too. But I was diagnosed with it when I was 16 and my shoulder was in a downward spiral since. Eventually had a procedure done, followed by a supraspinatus tear at 22 and another surgery. Fast forward to 27, my shoulder is the strongest and most durable it's ever been.

I brought up impingement syndrome because some people (like me) are much more susceptible to it. It's essentially the narrowing of the space in which the rotator cuff is allowed to operate. Once you have it, it sets the stage for all kinds of chaos in the shoulder, particularly to your bursa and supraspinatus.

Don't worry, once the issue is addressed, there shouldn't be any lasting effect on your tennis game.
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