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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
You could be right yeah, it would probably have to be the summer for him. Malaga's financial problems would make it easier to get Isco in January, as I said though, with Mata, Hazard, Oscar, de Bruyne and Piazon and Feruz for the future, another number 10 would be a bit much.

It's strange how the club don't go for any central midfielders, in recent years we've lost Ballack, Meireles, Essien and probably Lampard in the summer. When we still had those the club wanted Modric two years ago, we didn't get him, but they obviously saw it as an area they needed to improve. If anything the situation has got worse there, it's strange.
I think Isco deserves to be at a club where he'll get regular playing time, not at Chelsea where he'll have to compete with all the players you mentioned for a spot at the #10 position. If he came, it would probably be harder to keep a starting spot in Chelsea's midfield than Spain's midfield. He should go to a club like Arsenal or Swansea that would play him every week, or even a club like Newcastle could use him.

Yeah you're right it would have to be over the summer for Benat, and by that time he'll be 27 and that seems a little old for the cash Betis will demand for him. I'd prefer someone a tad younger who could provide some steel to the midfield who can sit deep with Luiz and make that deep pass, make a run forward, break up the opposition, or bring the match to a standstill. He could tag-team with Luiz to make runs forward or attack. Like a combination of Mascherano, Pirlo and Fabregas. Although I fear that a player of that statue probably doesn't exist, and if he does, his club aren't willing to sell him.
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