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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
hey, clueless Nadalagassi, whether or not you have me in your ignore list , I',m gonna have fun ripping apart your biased posts with it ....
he doesn't have us on his ignore list. He's replied to multiple posts of mine since i ended up in his 'ignore list', and always with an insult. Sometimes I wonder how he sticks around, when it seems almost every post he makes contains some sort of disrespect.

He also calls us desperate when he can't refute what we say. Just because we don't agree with the Notion that we should be kissing Rafa's feet or the idea that Federer won his slams in a weak era doesn't mean we deserve to be insulted by a man who can't even do a decent job of hiding his own ridiculous bias. At least I don't go around calling him a *******, though he clearly is.
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