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Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
The CRT is a one-time skills test.
An MRT must be aware of all new technology, hence the yearly updates.
Is it true that CS does not need to be renewed every year once past the test?

Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
IMHO, to be a MRT you must master all type of rackets not just the technology of the materials of Tennis Racquets.
I feel MRT is more useful for sales person or TTer enjoy debating in racket section. If I just want to learn and be good at stringing, CS might be a better choice.
Also Certified Stringer sounds much better than MRT to regular tennis player. I will go for that first and if I need MRT, I can do the upgrade for $80 and another written test.(I hate to memorize what triple-threat means, or liquidmatel.)
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