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Originally Posted by ten11 View Post
I feel MRT is more useful for sales person or TTer enjoy debating in racket section. If I just want to learn and be good at stringing, CS might be a better choice.
Also Certified Stringer sounds much better than MRT to regular tennis player. I will go for that first and if I need MRT, I can do the upgrade for $80 and another written test.(I hate to memorize what triple-threat means, or liquidmatel.)
It's all marketing, again back to business. CS or MRT is just a piece of paper, that some people think they need. They read the same material you can find in any manufacturers website. Does anyone going into a store looking for the certificate hanging on the wall? Even if they did were they satisfied with the string job they got? My answer is, NOT ALWAYS.

I get a lot of clients who are dis-satisfied with thier previous stringer, some of which I know are MRTs. If you want to be a Tour Stringer, sure a MRT cert will get you through the door, but you will still need to show your experience.
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