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Originally Posted by canny View Post
yea ill go 55/50. Thanks for the tip! Really hoping I can find a nice medium.
I think Smasher would agree with these General String Facts:

* Lower string tensions generate more power (providing string movement does not occur).
* Higher string tensions generate more ball control (for experienced players).
* A longer string (or string plane area) produces more power.
* Decreased string density (fewer strings) generates more power.
* Thinner string generates more power.*
* More elastic strings generate more power. (Generally, what will produce more power will also absorb more shock load at impact.)
* Softer strings, or strings with a softer coating, tend to vibrate less.
* Thinner strings tend to produce more spin.
* Decreased string density (fewer strings) generates more spin.
* The more elastic the string, the more tension loss in the racquet after the string job.**

The thicker the string the softer (16 gauge suggested).

In general: Play with the thinnest string that you can which meets your criteria for durability. If you are not breaking 16, try 17, not breaking 17 try 18. If you find that your ball is landing short with the thinner gague string, first try to reclaim your depth by string tension before reverting back to your old thicker gague string.

When looking for your tension, you are going after two things, and depending on how serious of a player you are, you are going to choose one over the other, to be your primary focus.

Depth, yes, I know, broken record, dead horse. Depth, is key. You need to find a tension that allows you to take a nice smooth even swing at the ball, and have it land deep. String tighter to shorten up your ball, string looser to get it deeper.

Feel, the second thing, some people like the way a firm stringbed feels, some people like the way a soft stringbed feels. Stiff stringbeds, tight stringing etc, are harder on people with arm injuries so that is a consideration, as well. Feel also has a lot to do with targeting, and accuracy, especially volleying. Most feel that stringing tighter helps with this, but I feel having something that you feel comfortable with will serve you better, and give you better accuracy and control than just randomly stringing tighter.
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