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Originally Posted by The Big Kahuna View Post
Smasher, I am curious to know if you've tried any other mains in this hybrid other than Pacific Classic 1.25 it's that you really thought was comparable? As it is been raining a lot here and the gut is very sensitive to moisture I was tempted recently to try some multifilament see how they might perform in the place of Pacific

I tried The top-rated multifilament string on based on over 30 playtest by professionals and was very pleasantly surprised to find that it was very comparable in terms of performance. The string, Weiss CANNON 6 Star Supercharged 16 (1.30) Played very much like Pacific Classic in many ways with perhaps a 10% drop off in performance in the areas of spin, comfort, feel, and power. That said the price of the string is about $10 as opposed to Pacific Classic's $30.

It also seems to hold its tension as well so far as good, although I would think that that would not be the case over time. Have you been tempted to switch to a high-performance multifilament as opposed to the natural gut for the cost savings versus performance obtained through the extra expense? Curious to know your thinking of late.
Hey BK!

I've been searching for a good backup for wet days. Still searching, but I found a few setups that were ok.

Isospeed Energetic 17 played fantastic at first in a hybrid with CoF. But as it aged it rapidly lost spinniness. So I tried fullbed Energetic and found it didn't have the same liveliness it had at first in hybrid. It played somewhat like Rip Control -- three years go I would have loved it, but muted feeling stringbeds aren't my thing anymore. And curiously I found it played stiffer than when crossed with CoF. I'll probably give it a few more chances though.

I also tried OGSM 17 with CoF crosss and hated it. Gamma syngut 17 full-bed was ok. Pro's Pro Kingut really disappointed me.

I think if I wanted to save some coin, I'd try out some budget gut just because there's still no replicating gut's elasticity. But I saw 6 Star back in 2011 when I was trying out TurboTwist and was definitely intrigued. At $10 that's a pretty good price. Have you thought of posting a formal review??
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