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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
So if I truly believe in my mind that I can be taught real tennis, I can become Robert DeNiro? Is that the point of the first post?
No, focus. If you think you can be taught to be your own man, with your own style, ability, etc. by an instructor, you are buying a load of C...P.

You can be taught the basics, which is what this forum is about, the basics, "Oh how do I hit a forehand", cool, but real tennis is inside you. There are a million Deniro's, only a few come out and express themselves, NO ONE taught Deniro or Pachino how to act, did they take acting lessons? You bet, but that didn't make them genious', THEY DID.

They expressed themselves, if you think that you can go through the same training as Fed or Nadal and play like them, you are fooling yourself.

Again, as corney as it sounds I go back to Mr. Miyogi, "I have taught you the basics, giving you a root, now it's time for you to grow, and you will grow your own way", same deal tennis, you FIND YOUR WAY, become YOUR OWN MAN. We are created in God's image with CREATIVITY, use it!
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